Life Path Number 33

A birth date that reduces down to 33 is very rare. When it does happen you are looking at a great and significant spiritual leader along the lines of the Dalai Llama or Ghandi. These individuals do not display any typicality in terms of their life story, however they do usually achieve fame through acts of kindness, tenderness and compassion that lead to the transformation of the world’s consciousness. They are people with brilliant minds, superior insight and outstanding vision. Number Thirty Threes can be perfectionists and because of their high standards find it difficult to delegate and trust others. Number 33 destiny path people are uniquely gifted spiritually and often find that they are admired, respected and followed by others. People with Life Path Numerology 33 are highly sensitive and are often psychic. They have the ability to feel the needs of others and can step into their shoes. They have terrific empathy and are sought out as good advisors. People with Life Path Numerology 33 display many of the qualities of Life Path Number 6. But this rare number imbues a strong spiritual element. They possess higher ideals than most. They are very inspiring to others and will have a desire to help others often at the expense of their own welfare.

Number Thirty Threes are usually deeply religious and spiritual people. You have a heart of gold and extremely loving and giving, ready to take on the world together with your flag of social injustice, always willing to help those who are less fortunate than yourself. People get the impression; you are always youthful, gracious, friendly, sacrificial, sympathetic, and full of inspiration when it comes to aiding others. Occasionally, you do become anxious, depressed, evasive, timid, or worrying over trivial issues or matters that don’t directly concern you. You should learn to mind your own business at times, keep your feet in your own backyard, or better still, think more about yourself and your own emotional and material security. Your personal and profession life can at times get very much out of hand through your own self-undoing, carelessness, or sloppy organisation. When someone offers you advice or a suggestion, you will listen, but may not act on the information. For some inner spiritual reason, you always seem to reach out and give to others generously, always looking for attention or recognition, but in most cases you cannot see you are being used and abused by those who think you are an easy target for a touch.

Never, get involved with other people’s money problems, or give financially to others through loans, it will never be returned, or paid back to you in full. Equally, you may find your emotional life will get you into more problems than you would like to bargain for, love is important to you, but you may wear your heart on your sleeve, thus, suffering severe hardship through a broken marriage or loving relationships. Be particularly careful of becoming emotionally involved with persons who try to sway you with their charm. Don’t take people at face value; you are a prime example of a person who cannot say no. You may have to unlearn old habits and develop new ones to avoid being persecuted by those who wish to take advantage of you in a weak moment. You will do well in occupations in which can work with those who are handicapped, confined, or require learning, assistance or service. Throughout your destiny, you must temper your desire for fame or importance with solid effort and practical results; otherwise you may overvalue your ability and your ideas and consequently, meet with many difficulties and possible failure. You are certainly a very loving, caring, overprotective, and giving parent; however, you may not adequately prepare them for the problems that could eventuate in their destiny path. Your love or kind heartedness towards animals will bring you much joy.

It is important to act always on gut feelings and follow instincts, because there is possibly direct communication from Spirit trying to guide you. If you are resistant, or unaware, you will miss the messages and guidance – and so will you miss your calling. Try to develop your spiritual connection, through meditation and a reunion with nature. Work hard in the service of others and you will see how positive your influence is and how strong your powers of spiritual healing are, probably to your own surprise. Above all, be careful you don’t neglect yourself too much because of your desire and preoccupation to help and inspire others. If you are neglected or become damaged, then your ability to do your Work will be reduced.