Moon in Pisces


You are compassionate, sensitive, loving, creative, loyal.


You are indecisive, discontented, vague, secretive, easily confused.

Lunar Pisceans are known to be dreamy and not always in touch with reality. However, though you may not always show real-world savvy in day-to-day, practical affairs, you make up for this with remarkable intuition. You can put yourself in anybody’s shoes with extreme ease. On the plus side, this endows you with remarkable compassion and love. The down side with this apparent ability to break down boundaries is that you can easily lose yourself in the suffering of others.

Your sense of humor is delightfully silly and a bit odd. You are a perceptive soul who seem to be in touch with all the nuances and subtleties of human nature. Often this comes through in a strong sense of humor that is more of the receptive kind than the type of sense of humor that would make you the “life of the party”. It’s generally pretty easy to get you giggling.

You may get tagged as “spaced out”, but there’s a lot more to you than meets the eye. You feel things out, and rely on your intuition. It just doesn’t feel right for you to do otherwise. Your dreaminess can mean plenty of moments of absent-mindedness. These times of oblivion can land them in all sorts of predicaments with others who can too easily misunderstand these complex souls. Without plenty of space and time to daydream, you easily get overloaded with life. Give you room to be alone with yourself, and you’re generally able to take on the world—even if your style when you do so is not always conventional or understandable.

Generally considered soft-hearted and sweet, you care about others and are easily touched by human suffering. This tendency gains them the reputation as suckers for sob stories. Although this may sometimes be true, many of you learn, in your lifetime, how to discern between sincerity and manipulation. Still, you definitely do have plenty of soft corners.

There’s a delightful accepting side to you that is sometimes mistaken for weakness. Pisces is the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac, and thus carries with it a little of each sign of the zodiac. As a result, you see yourself reflected in the behavior of others, giving you seemingly boundless compassion. Since the Moon represents our instinctive nature, you seem to know how things feel without actual experience. For example, you may have never had sex, but seem to know all about it — even, or especially, the subtleties of it. The ones that aren’t too shy make awesome actors and actresses. This ability to empathize even in the absence of experience gives you an open mind and heart. Most of you long to express this through writing, music (both listening and making), poetry, and art—in fact, the happiest people with this position do just that.

Though some of you are doormats, most of you instinctively know when you’re due for a much-needed recharge. It’s at these times that you retreat from the world (and its harsh realities) if only to gather strength to face everything and everyone again. Solitude is important to you, but you also need people, so your retreats will usually be short-lived. Pisces Moon individuals believe; and, let’s face it, the world needs Piscean leaps of faith.


Past lives spent in monasteries or convents, or otherwise shut away from society, have left you with an unrealistic, naïve approach to life. You seem to float through the harsh realities of daily routines, seeing life from an idealistic point of view. It may feel the world does not live up to your standards. You are accustomed to having others take care of you; consequently, you have not developed self-discipline. Confidence comes when you pay attention to diet and health. In other lifetimes you were not responsible for your own nutritional well-being. In past lives you were discouraged from reaching material goals because you were learning to trust the universe completely and merge yourself with total reliance on it’s flow. This is a serve-or-suffer lifetime. When you take responsibility for setting up necessary structures and routines in your life, this will act as a support system through which universal emotional energies can flow in a balanced way.