Moon in Libra


You are adaptable, creative, charming, good-natured, diplomatic.


You are indecisive, self-indulgent, dependent, frivolous, changeable.

Moon in Libra people have a strong need for partnership. Without someone to share your lives with, you feel utterly incomplete. This is why many people with this position get involved in marriages or living-together arrangements quite young. Because this drive for harmony, peace, and sharing is so powerful, you are apt to do a lot of conceding. You are sympathetic and concerned for others, enjoy socializing, and revel in a good debate. Mental rapport with others are especially important to you.

You  feel safe and secure when you are in a partnership. You are the  people who seem to always need to have someone tag along with them wherever you go—even if it is to the corner store. You find strength and reinforcement in and through others. Both men and women with this position are often quite charming. You can be very attractive to be around, and are often given to flirtatiousness. Rarely directly aggressive, you  win the hearts of others with your gentle and refined ways.

You simply can’t help but see flaws in their environment and your relationships. In fact, anything out of whack will bother you  until it’s fixed. Although diplomatic with acquaintances, when you argue with their long-standing partners, you rarely let up until you win. And, winning an argument is a Libran specialty—in fact, you may not even believe what you are saying, but will adopt all kinds of ideas just to get the last word. Living with you can sometimes feel like being on trial, and Libra is the expert lawyer. Sometimes, though, you are defending and supporting the other point of view.

Your idealistic outlook and constant striving for the best, most harmonious lifestyle can lead to much discontent. Looking for that one (elusive) perfect way to lead your lives can detract from enjoyment of the moment.


Past lives have been spent in positions of support, as mediators, diplomats, concubines, or traditional female supportive roles. These lives have resulted in an identity based on sharing; your survival has depended on a sense of inner emotional accord with your partner. In this life you may find yourself compromising your true identity in order to maintain the feeling of internal accord with your mate. Your lesson now is to learn to express yourself- to be yourself- in the context of a relationship. To do this, you must become aware of your own needs, realizing that if they aren’t met, the relationship as a whole will suffer. You are learning equilibrium. You have defenses based on resentment from past lives, thus when you do assert your needs you tend to be rather harsh. Learn to share your needs with others as an equal, with the confident expectation that they will also want to please and accommodate you. Realize that others want your harmonious, pleasant, happy disposition around them, and to keep you, they will go out of their way to make you happy.